13. Atmorama

‘Atmospheric, industrial, magical’

Atmorama is a large light installation in the shape of an arena. The installation surrounds visitors with hundreds of recycled fluorescent tubes, controlled by special electronics developed specifically for this work of art. The unorthodox control system mysteriously makes the tubes light up wirelessly and without contact. Atmorama combines this play of light with evocative sounds to create a magical atmosphere. The fluorescent tubes are blackened and each produces a different light colour.

Atmorama is the result of a long brain-storming process between four ‘mad inventors’ studying Engineering at Fontys University of Applied Sciences. They finally chose Atmorama as a concept because they wanted to create a magical effect by conjuring light from seemingly unconnected fluorescent tubes. Their work of art gives the fluorescent tubes a second lease of life and allows them to test new techniques in a real-life experiment.

This work of art is supported by DAF, Vanderlande, OGD, Nexperia, Demcon and Fontys Hogeschool Engineering.

Students of Fontys Engineering

photo: Bart van Overbeeke Fotografie