I. The Circle of Life

‘Keeps great and small on the endless round…’ Elton John

The Circle of Life transports you into an experience of life. Each air bubble represents life and how fragile it really is. The bubble may burst of its own accord, but it can also burst under the influence of external factors, such as touching it with your finger. The bubbles swirl all around you as you walk through the installation. And obviously you want to burst as many of these bubbles as you can. The smoke contained in the bubble is released and forms a cloud which eventually expands through the air. The beams of light from different light sources placed at different angles lend the bubbles an extra dimension.

The Circle of Life is created by Delta-students at Fontys University of Applied Sciences ICT.


The Circle of Life was conceived and created by Delta students from Fontys Hogeschool ICT. This is the first time that Fontys Hogeschool ICT students have participated in Glow.

Delta students are entrepreneurial high-performers who are eager for more and capable of meeting that challenge. They work on challenging, real-life projects in their own lab environment, which combines different disciplines and students from all years. Varying from future exploration to projects funded by businesses.

The project was set up in collaboration with the Lectorate Interaction Design under the supervision of Mark de Graaf. Two teams worked on the project. The current team consists of; Amanda van der Vleuten (Project leader), Hao Huynh, Sirus Goorhuis, Miroslav Zahariev, Mrunal Patil, Joshua van GompelSven Jeurgens and Luc van Donk. We would like to thank the team that initiated this project, consisting of; Patrick Mendel (Project leader), Tom Hartogs, Daan van Dijk, Mitchell van de Water, Thom van de Moosdijk, Bram Snoek, Joshua Schers and Martien van den Broek.”

photo: Bart van Overbeeke Fotografie