7. LED's Talk - cancelled

Unfortunately, this project has been cancelled due to production and continuity problems.

Who doesn’t know them from the old days: tin cans connected by a rope, meant to communicate with each another / as a means of communication between two persons. LED’s Talk takes this piece of nostalgia to the next level having created a modern version. In this project communication among the visitors of GLOW is made visible with sensors and LEDs. The longer you talk to each other, the closer the light lines will get together. So, LED’s Talk!

GLOW offers SintLucas students a platform for their projects. They are given the unique opportunity to implement their ideas and present them to a large audience. This year, you can enjoy three artworks, created by SintLucas students, on 18 Septemberplein, De Wal and at De Zaale on the University of Technology site.  

Students Sint Lucas
Students: Clint van Laarhoven, Aaron Boshoven,Stan Smeets, Pim Roggeband.

Students Sint Lucas

With its wide range of creative-technical- entrepreneur educations at VMBO and MBO level, SintLucas - situated in Eindhoven as well as in Boxtel - is the school to be for professions in the creative industry. And SintLucas is more than just a school. It is a creative community, where pupils and students develop their creative talents in collaboration with a network of companies, other schools and socially-engaged organisations.The educational trainings are tuned to the students’ talents and ambitions.

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