H. Small Victims, Large Numbers

‘Small victims, Large numbers’ is an artistic and poetic tribute to all children in the Netherlands who lost their lives due to child abuse in the last decade: an average of approximately 52 children a year. With this work of art, the creative collective Power of Art House wants to shine a probing light on all the children who have been - and are going to be - a victim of domestic abuse. The aim is to start the public debate on this theme, in an artistic and inspiring manner.

Small Victims, Large Numbers was exhibited on Museumplein, Amsterdam, last June. At the time this work of art already received a lot of (media) attention. During GLOW, a ‘special edition’ of the installation, specifically created for GLOW, will be on display. From November 14th until November 20th, known as ‘The Week against Child Abuse’, the work of art will also be exhibited at several  locations in the Netherlands.  
Photographer Claus Langer

Power of Art House
Power of Art House is an artistic collective and thinktank of designers, social-cultural entrepreneurs, producers and other creative spirits. By means of artistic interventions, Power of Art House wants to make serious and difficult topics accessible to a wider audience and thus start public debate.

Power of Art House

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