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3Beam: A project based on the combination of technology and art.

Light is split into its three primary components, red, green and blue, each projected separately. A magical mix appears from the way we combine them.

The result is one projection with multiple hidden effects. You can reveal these effects yourself, because there is no light without shadow. Cast a shadow on the canvas and witness unexpected responses from colors and shapes. Smart technology and cameras add to the light effects and make them bigger, more engaging and more surprising.

Sometimes the projections are recognizable, sometimes they are completely abstract. In a playful way, we are crossing the boundary between order and chaos.

Discover 3Beam yourself. What will your shadow reveal?

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Integration of light-art and technology: the result of evenings spent working together by a group of Employeneurs with solid technical backgrounds and big ideas. After many brainstorming sessions and even more pizzas eaten, we came up with an artistic concept in which the 3 basic colors create more than you could ever imagine.

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