23Kick off_Ping

23Kick off_Ping

18 Septemberplein + the entire route

_PING is one of the light artworks that has resulted from the three-year cooperation between GLOW Eindhoven and light festival Qinhuai in Nanjing, China.

Following up on the beautiful light artwork _ROOT created by Gijs van Bon at GLOW 2017, ASML and GLOW Eindhoven take their partnership to the next level. Hightech company ASML and light art festival GLOW meet at _PING, the latest creation of Gijs van Bon, in which traditional light art merges with interactive light applications in networks. A unique project that will not only be displayed at GLOW Eindhoven, but at the Qinhuai Lightfestival in Nanjing as well. 

We’re a long-term partner to GLOW, as it relates to what we do on several levels. We focus on light and technology, just like GLOW. We’re happy to support a thriving festival that is a valuable asset for not only the city of Eindhoven but also the city of Nanjing where ASML has an office as well.” Hank Oosterbaan, Global Manager Labor Market Communications, ASML.

 _PING is a long line of 250 beacons (lanterns) placed along the GLOW route, hanging 3-4m above the ground. Each tubular beacon is surrounded by small LEDs and fitted with two loud speakers. They pass messages spoken by the public on to each other in a chain reaction using light and sound and, in doing so, make a dynamic and positive contribution to the street scene. On the platform at 18 Septemberplein you can leave your message for the GLOW public on the route. As soon as the spoken message has been recorded and the end of the drumstick lights up, the big Chinese drum can be hit. Upon impact your message is fired into the chain of beacons.

Installation artist Gijs van Bon (1975 ) attended the Design Academy in Eindhoven and received his advanced training at the HKU in Utrecht, Department of Theatre Design. He initially became known primarily for his abstract kinetic objects. From 2001 he exhibited regularly in galleries and art centers. He also began designing and performing theatrical, autonomous events. The multidisciplinary objects and installations by Van Bon always move between two areas of tension: abstract moving objects and theatrical installations. He knows how to combine and use the boundaries between them to get as much as life as possible into his objects. Van Bon lives in the beautifull small village Nuenen, also known as one of the places where Vincent van Gogh lived. Gijs works in his dynamic and active atelier ‘La Citta Mobile’ in the emerging city of Eindhoven amongst other artists and designers.

Jildert Viet is een Utrechtse audiovisueel kunstenaar en software developer. Hij studeerde Muziek Technologie aan de Universiteit voor de Kunsten in Utrecht. Het grootste deel van de tijd creeert hij software waarmee hij autoreactieve, realtime-gegenereerde visuals.

Jildert Viet is an audiovisual artist and software developer. He studied Music Technology at the University of the Arts in Utrecht and graduated in 2017. Most of the time he creates his own software to make audioreactive, realtime generated, visuals. Besides that he’s interested in audiovisual installations, hacking electronics, generating art with algorithms, and a lot more.

_ROOT - GLOW 2017


Gijs van Bon + Jildert Viet


The name ‘Ping’ refers to multiple things.

  • Active sonar (used by for example submarines) emits a sound pulse with the sonar equipment, that is also called a ping, to then listen for the echo. The distance to an object is determined with the time that elapses between the emission and the reception of the pulse
  • Ping (computer network) is a help program that is used to test the accessibility of a node in a computer network and to measure the delay time, the latency. How many packages are lost in each session is also reported
  • Ping (平) in Chinese means flat, in the same surface, on the same level