20Beat the laser

20Beat the laser

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It's foggy, you find yourself in the middle of Eindhoven and you see a mysterious instrument.

Suddenly lasers appear, and it seems to be your job to play them. At Beat the laser you are going to experience a fun and interactive game that provides a complete light and sound experience. 

Can you work together with others and beat the lasers, or will the lasers defeat you?

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We are Bart, Bart, Bas, Thijs and Yang-Fen. We are a group of students, representing Fontys, that participates at GLOW 2018 under the name GLOWOn. In our work of art, visitors play together as a team in a short, interactive and musical laser game that we call 'Beat the Laser'.

Bart Mennen, Bart Pauwels, Bas van der Horst, Thijs Drykoningen, YangFen Harmsen


Fontys GLOW-ON