A huge Eastern mythical creature called Bixie, a dragon lion, stands on the Mathildelaan.

Originating from Nanjing, Eindhoven’s sister city, and this Chinese City’s symbol. According to mythology, the animal drives out evil. Bixie, pushed forward by the public from the Mathildelaan, flaps its wings up and down. Together we parade behind the illuminated animal in the direction of the Chinese lantern festival in the Victoriapark. Walking towards the light that is symbolic for driving out the dark.

Under the supervision of the Chinese artist Gu Yeliang, Bixie was built especially by local craftsmen in Nanjing for this edition of GLOW. Hugo Vrijdag designed the image to depict the cooperation between the cities of Eindhoven and Nanjing. Following GLOW, Bixie will sparkle at the Nanjing light festival in 2019. A Chinese dragon originating in Eindhoven.

Hugo Vrijdag (1970) studied at the Design Academy Eindhoven. As a visual artist and designer, he combines his fascination for technology with storytelling. Vrijdag writes filmscripts and designs props. He also founded science centra such as De Ontdekfabriek (Eindhoven), Het Ontdekstation (Tilburg) and De Uitvindfabriek (Breda). The last couple of years, Vrijdag also designed several light installations.

Eindhoven City has interviewed Hugo Vrijdag about his works of art at GLOW:

Interview with Hugo Vrijdag


Hugo Vrijdag + Nanjing