The light installation ‘Caleidoscope’ will consist of 4 columns that are placed underneath a viaduct.

These columns are carriers of light that will be projected on the ceiling and ground from within. A light and shadow play is created in in circular rhythm. The motion will vary in speed, direction and color. Between the columns the projected patterns will overlap.

The work has a hypnotic and disorienting effect on the spectator. The motion is a direct response to traffic flow and disrupting it. Traffic moves to and fro in straight lines criss crossing on two levels. A circular motion can go on forever and seemingly intends to freeze the traffic, for a moment one can forget all sense of time and direction.

Tamar Frank, (NL, 1974) works with light, space and plays with its visual perception. She has created autonomous lightart as well as permanent light installations for national and international clients.

Amongst others, Tamar Frank created light installations for:

  • Nature bridge Laarderhoogt, Laren, commissioned by Strukton in 2015
  • West Pender Place, Vancouver, commissioned by Reliance Properties in 2011
  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs, The Hague, commissioned by Bam and Rijksbouwmeester 2018

In 2017, she won the second price at the Darc Awards, an international light art price for the light installation ‘Interlaced’. In 2006, she became 2nd at the international light art contest ‘Targetti Light Art Award’.


Tamar Frank