33Chaotic Swing

33Chaotic Swing


Chaos, is it the reason for life on earth?

There is so much chaos around us: both analogue and digital. Day in, day out we are literally swamped by it. Even so, we seldom stop to consider its effect on our lives. Sometimes good, sometimes bad.

The kinetic installation Chaotic Swing comprises two linked pendula that constantly influence each other, through which the total movement becomes unpredictable and therefore chaotic. In contrast, the Eindhoven artist Ivo Schoofs had to work in an extremely structured way and with precision to create Chaotic Swing.

The work of Ivo Schoofs (1972), is a celebration of movement in its most natural occurrence; based on natural and physical phenomena, gravity, heat, light, friction and wonder. The work offers the spectator(s), through large-scale audio-visual installations, an experience to return to the base of the forces of natural movement.

Technology and science are made visible and sometimes, if possible, comprehensive. The black boxes are opened, the oil can be smelled and the gears are rotating. New sensory experiences and insights are formed upon a base of nature itself.

Without the great help and deep knowledge of the individual team members, ideas would not have become reality.

Just because... - GLOW2017
Exploding Wire - GLOW2016
Large Fire Tornado - GLOW2015
Large Pendulum Wave - GLOW2014/2013


Ivo Schoofs