Catharina church

CONFLUENCE is an original video mapping inspired by the confluence of rivers and streams in Holland such as the river Dommel in Eindhoven, symbolically explored by the meeting of light and shadow into form.

Confluence means “flow together” and this idea of two opposite parts merging at some point was the beginning to explore this concept for a new show. In what way, colour and form, could reflect this duality in light and shadow; black and white; dark and colour.

Kinetic Art – an art from any medium that contains movement perceivable by the viewer or depends on motion for its effect – emerged as the visual aesthetic to Confluence. The audience will travel through unexpected moments of colour that will play with the church architecture through geometric combinations. This will take the public into a universe of light and shadow colour illusions.

Virtual dancers characterized with geometric forms will guide the viewer through the film and interact with the face of Catharinakerk.

This project is made possible by:

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OCUBO is a creative and highly skilled international studio that conceives artistic events using light and technology, in acclaimed large scale cultural events. Founded by artists Nuno Maya and Carole Purnelle, OCUBO specializes in multimedia and large format projection video mapping. The content ranges from historical to contemporary styles, mixing all kinds of media, from photos and illustrations to HD video, 3D animation and even interactive programming. Although versatile, the work is interconnected around a common theme: "Humanity”. The studio motto is to share the light with people and giving them the opportunity to use art as a form of global expression regardless of frontiers, in the public space of their community.

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