6Dear Plastic ...

6Dear Plastic ...

river Dommel

Dear Plastic ... is a light artwork which addresses the suffocation of nature by plastic

Dear Plastic came into being in collaboration with Precious Plastic.
Precious Plastic is a global community of people who work on a solution of nature’s suffocation by plastic. Knowledge, tools and techniques are shared online for free. Everyone can help and contribute to the solution of this issue. 

In the run towards the 2018 light festival, GLOW Eindhoven has been in contact with Luzinterruptus about the light project ‘Plastic Island’ for the 2018 edition. Eventually, the conversations with the Spanish anonymous artist collective didn’t lead to a collaboration. GLOW then chose to collaborate with Precious Plastic to create a project with the plastic bottles which were already collected. A statement to raise awareness for this social problem, by literally shining a light on it. The execution of Dear Plastic, initiated by GLOW,  has led to the infringement of the copyright of Luzinterruptus. In the meantime, appropriate agreements have been made between GLOW Eindhoven and the Spanish artist collective to do justice to the copyright of Luzinterruptus.

With light art works in the category ‘Green Light’ GLOW Eindhoven wants to offer artists a stage for creating awareness for sustainability, accessible for the public at large.


Dear Plastic came into being with the help of:


Precious Plastic + GLOW Eindhoven