15Dome of light 3.0

15Dome of light 3.0


Continuing the tradition of the past years as part of GLOW, Heuvel shopping centre presents the ‘Dome of Light’ installation.

The installation consists of 121 light-translucent tubes. Each tube is hung from a cable and can be positioned at various heights by an electric motor. This cable also supplies the current that energises the various LED lights in each tube to produce a palette of colours.

The program, which runs on a central computer, controls all the light effects and tube movements. The movements and light effects, which are directly generated by the tubes, are reflected back by the glass panels in the dome to create a lively play of moving colour patterns. The perceived shape of the different reflected patterns changes as the visitor changes position under the light sculpture.

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Har Hollands (1956) graduated in 1983 from the ‘Eindhoven University of Technology’, at the department of ‘Architecture and Urban Planning’. From 1984 till 1998, he worked as lighting designer at the ‘Lighting Design and Application Centre’ of ‘Philips Lighting’. In 1998 he started the office for architectural lighting: ‘Har Hollands Lichtarchitect’.


Har Hollands