11Escape from the machine 3

11Escape from the machine 3

Smalle Haven + DELA building

A bird flies over the city of Eindhoven. Usually invisibly, but in the Smalle Haven the gracious animal presents itself to the public. Here the bird appears in the form of light.

Between the façades of the Smalle Haven and the College the bird seeks an escape, to then disappear into the night via the DELA head office. Sometimes the bird leaves for north and then sometimes towards the south to later reappear behind the public.

The bird is created by illuminating fibreglass strands from ViberLight, that have been strung above the street. They have the shape of a bird, a bird just as children draw one. One by one the strands light up, which lends movement to the drawing. This happens so quickly and in consecutive order that the light lines suggest movement. This is in fact ‘stop-motion’ animation. Loudspeakers reinforce the feeling that a bird is actually passing overhead.

Escape from the machine 3 is made possible by:


Hugo Vrijdag (1970) studied at the Design Academy Eindhoven. As a visual artist and designer, he combines his fascination for technology with storytelling. Vrijdag writes filmscripts and designs props. He also founded science centra such as De Ontdekfabriek (Eindhoven), Het Ontdekstation (Tilburg) and De Uitvindfabriek (Breda). The last couple of years, Vrijdag also designed several light installations.

Eindhoven City has interviewed Hugo Vrijdag about his works of art at GLOW:

Interview with Hugo Vrijdag

The innovative light technology that is used for this art work is derived from ViberLight.



Hugo Vrijdag