30Evolution of Light

30Evolution of Light


Light artist and spatial designer Van den Elzen works from his home town Eindhoven.

The light artwork from his hand transforms the area below parking deck ‘t Eindje into a huge diorama. The theatrical set-up consists of a grid of dynamic light combined with a sound system created by Augusto Meijer. In the midst of a multisensory system, light and sound enter a synergy in time and space to tell the story of the ‘Evolution of Light’. From the big bang to the formation of stars and earth. From sunlight and lightning, via the invention of fire to the very first electrical light. From lasers to LED, ending in a vision on the future of light.

The installation will have its world debut at GLOW Eindhoven.

The light artworks and installations by Jaap van den Elzen start a dialogue with the (architectural) space for which it is designed. This results in extensive, synergetic, multi sensory experiences.


Jaap van den Elzen