Light helps us perceive our environment. But what if light itself would start to perceive too?

This installation explores this question. Here, light beams are given a sense of touch, so that they can feel the surfaces they light up. By moving around, the light beams scan their environment and respond to what they encounter. What would they do when they encounter you?

This installation is inspired by the work of psychologist J.J. Gibson, who described the inseparable link between perception and movement. This work was supported by the Intelligent Lighting Institute of TU/e.

Interview with Philips Ross



Philip Ross – Concept and light design
Joep le Blanc - Sound design
Antal Haans - Scientific input
Interactive Matter – Electronics engineering
Pronorm – Technical installation

Philip Ross designs interactive lighting environments and luminaires. He summarises his approach as Transformational Lighting Design. Based on the idea that light changes an environment and what people do in it, he explores how to use light to support values like creativity, harmony and openness. His design focus is on the interaction of people and their environment, and the beauty that can emerge from it. His combined background as industrial designer (MSc TU Delft, cum laude), researcher (PhD TU/e, cum laude) and practicing artist allows him to combine inspiration and insights from these different fields in his work. Philip lives and works in city of light Eindhoven. 

Joep is a sound designer at heart with a master’s degree in Industrial Design (cum laude) and experience in interaction design and art. Although young, Joep has years of experience as an accomplished musician. This and his interest in abstract psychoacoustics makes his work stand out. His recognisable style and skills are a fusion of his talents, knowledge gained through his master studies in Industrial Design at Eindhoven University of Technology and work experience at the Eindhoven based design firm OWOW.

Moving Light - GLOW2017
A.R.T. - GLOW2016
Influx - GLOW 2016
Intermedia - GLOW2016


Philip Ross + Joep le Blanc