In this edition, GLOW and you get closer.

This year, GLOW is more about you than ever before. Because apart from the light art pieces that are there to wow and entertain you, you will run into something – or should we say: someone – that has a very special, human-centered mission… 

Meet GLOWIE. Dedicated and determined to make you the happiest person you can be. She really wants to know what makes you tick. By having an open-hearted conversation with you, she will find out what it is you need in life. Always humble and well aware of the fact that she is just a voice-commanded, state-of-the-art chatbot living from one upgrade to the next.

‘GLOWIE Wants To Talk To You’ combines chatbot technology, voice command and light art based on your emotional state-of-mind. Developed by Greenhouse Group and Sahara Benelux. GLOW Eindhoven has an international ambition and is partnering with light art festivals around the world. Which is why she speaks English. Let’s talk.

This project is made possible by:

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Greenhouse Group + Sahara Benelux