The GyroGlow is a light art work that combines different technologies.

The object is based on a gyroscope. Its 2.0 version can be seen at GLOW 2018.

Lasers illuminate a phosphorescent substance that causes random patterns to be projected on the artwork. The various movements of the GyroGlow are controlled and powered independently from each other to arrive at the most uninhibited movements. Together with the digitally controlled LED lighting, this results in an attractive interplay between lighting, movement and unexpected patterns.

The GyroGlow is a 360° experience that will astonish many visitors.

This project is made possible by:


In 2017, the work of art has been designed by a team of four Fontys students Engineering and Engineering Physics. Because of its success, two artists decided to develop a 2.0 version of GyroGLOW. Maurice Cornelissen was one of the four students who created GyroGLOW. Arno Dekkers joined him later on in the process.



Maurice Cornelissen + Arno Dekkers