18Immersive Decelerator

18Immersive Decelerator


This piece of light art wants to create an antipode to today’s contemporary thrill and agitation.

A scale is made between movement and stillness. With the use of handpainted slides and selected geometric patterns a busy market place is turned into an immersive experience to be discovered at one’s own pace. The onlooker is invited to linger and relax, to investigate and decelerate. Close to 2mio ANSI Lumen of projection power ensure a full bath in light thus reaching inner emotional layers of human beings.

Music: 'Book of colours' by Jan Heinke played by steelquartett Stahlquartett following the credo of “perfect slowness”.

This project is made possible by:

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Georg Reisch is a multiple entrepreneur and owner of Pani Projection and Lighting, the inventor of large scale projection as far back as the 1950s, born in Vienna and living in Switzerland. During his whole professional career he combined creative content creation with providing a technical platform to do so. Enabling creative light installations at light festivals world-wide and supporting artists to bring their ideas to life have shaped his understanding of how the medium of light impacts the audience. The interaction of the onlooker with the light installation, the emotions generated are of the essence.