3In Transition

3In Transition


“In Transition” is an installation referring to our ever changing surrounding.

A light element moves back and forth in space. It projects two color light fields and a laser line is showing the border between the two fields. This is the line that the object constantly scans while moving. All differences on this line will influence the color of the light and the sound.

Because of the movement of the light, the surrounding is constantly placed in a different perspective. Shadows of objects and people stretch and get shorter again. One moment you stand in a blue surrounding and a moment later it’s all red. Sound comes towards you and moves away.

When the object flies over you, you will influence the light color and the audio, this will make the transition even more visible and it will create a playful result.

Toer is a multidisciplinary design studio from the Netherlands, founded in 2011 by Castor Bours (1984) and Wouter Widdershoven (1986). With backgrounds in the arts and design (Design Academy Eindhoven) and interactive design (Industrial Design TU Eindhoven) and a strong explorative and experimental approach, they are able to push both the aesthetical and technical boundaries of design while using a wide variety of media. Toer is working across various domains of the applied arts, such as light objects and installations, interactive experiences, and innovative products and interfaces. Toer gained global attention for projects like Cumulus, an autonomous parasol that inflates to a cloud-like shape using solar energy, Fiet, a kinetic light sculpture that reacts to movements in its environment, and Shaped by Time, a clock that shapes itself by the passage of time. Their interactive installations are presented worldwide at international festivals and platforms like Singapore, Toronto, Sydney, Wellington, Luxembourg, Amsterdam, London, Poland and Seoul. Studio Toer is always looking around the next corner to bring little known ideas or processes to the general public in the form of state-of-the art design installations. By following their fascination for physical movement in our day-to-day environment and using a very playful and experimental approach, Studio Toer has been and will be at the forefront of interactive design.

Your light on Light - GLOW 2017

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