17Shattered Shadows

17Shattered Shadows


In the entrance hall to the Heuvel on the Market Square reflective sheets hang. Light bundles from various directions shine their light onto these reflective sheets.

This shatters the light, creating exceptional fragments of light and shadows on the ground, walls and ceiling. This fragmentation of the light is amplified by the many glass surfaces in the facades and in the skylights.

As different spotlights shine on the sheets, a dynamic pattern of crystalline forms of light and dark appear.

Sound, composed by sound artist Rob van Rooij, accompanies the play of shadows.

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Again, Har Hollands, light architect from Eindhoven and former curator of GLOW, returns to GLOW. During former editions with amongst others projections at the Hooghuis building (Light over Matter) and the light artwork Origin - a collection of luminous lines across a park at Regentekwartier. One year before that, he created the permanent light installations ‘AnTUenna’ with over 10,000 LEDs on the chimney of the University of Technology site. And let’s not forget ‘Dome of Light’: a dynamic light sculpture at the Forum of de HEUVEL.

Light over Matter - GLOW2017
The Origin - GLOW2017
Dome of Light - GLOW2017
Dome of Light - GLOW2016
AnTUenna - GLOW 2016


Har Hollands