19The Walk

19The Walk

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The Walk, a light installation, 2.5-meter diameter sphere comprising 5000 pixels with a total of 35,000 LED’s.

The Walk The sphere is both, an object and a spherical screen showing a 7.5 minute long video loop. The viewer is invited to enter the procession, to approach it the sphere and to walk around it without ever getting away from its lights. An illusory story unfolds based on Dante's Divine Comedy of the journey from Inferno to Purgatory, giving a sense of catharsis and the transition from fire to light. Flames and figures with torches appear through ghostly imagery like a non-stop procession towards the after-life.

Visitors follow the rhythm of the work; en route to somewhere else, the two are synchronization, giving this rhythm a trance-like echo. In her work of art, Ex investigates the interaction between visitor, space and artwork which can entice us to reflect on our personal search for light.

Visual artist Titia Ex works in light. She executes her work sculpturally in three-dimensional situations. Most of Ex's sculptures are produced on invitation at specific locations in either urban or rural areas. Each situation poses a specific question that the artist explores in depth and for which she provides possible answers. Her answers provide a concrete opportunity to engage with the location in a different way via the light sculptures. She creates an experience and thereby demonstrates a great sense of aesthetics. With her sculptures Titia Ex is searching for a designed form of beauty. She especially stimulates sensory curiosity.

Installations are shown around the world, including: Tokyo, London, Istanbul and New York. In 2013 she won the CODA Award for the best landscape art installation in the USA, in 2015 the LAMP Award for the best international Urban and Landscape lighting design in Barcelona and the City People Light Award in Seoul 2016.

Private Light - GLOW2016


Titia Ex

By Titia Ex, in association with The Light Art centre Eindhoven and Philips Color Kinetics.