24Tower of Light

24Tower of Light

Light tower

The 'Lichttoren', a beacon of indestructible concrete and iconic Eindhoven industrial heritage.

Music, light and shadow build a magical illusion together here that reflects this heritage. The light tower appears as light as a feather one moment, later weighty and almost majestic. A fascinating ode to what light and shadow can create. Old glory recollected and visions for the future revealed. Light makes shadows, makes light.

The Lichttoren is a listed building. This is where life expectancy testing for candescent bulbs continually took place. Later the property was transformed into the head office for the light division. The Lichttoren is an exceptional building, certainly in an architecturally historical sense. Its functionality, efficiency, use of concrete, glass and metal make it a true example for the city.

Interview with Jan Fabel

This project is made possible by Signify (former Philips Lighting) and Vogel's Products BV.

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Jan Fabel is a creator and director of multimedia projects and international shows. He started with exploring the boundaries of video art at De Fabriek in Eindhoven. Later on, he worked at Centrum voor de Kunsten and Academy St. Joost. Nowadays, his company Captain Energy works on sensational multimedia projects. Crazy about projection mapping and multi screen projection.

Amongst others, Dirk van Poppel has always worked with 3D software Blender, developed by NeoGeo from Eindhoven. Twenty years later and with the same wonder and passion, he still creates animations for companies such as Philips, ASML and VDL-ETG. For him, the extraordinary feature of project mapping is experiencing the amazement of illusion.

Erwin Steijlen, composer for brands, artists and media. Producer and music coach. For years, he wrote product launches for BMW and VW and music for Beijing Olympics 2008, Theme song Tour de France, Remix Shakira and worked with Pink!, DJ Fedde LeGrand, Moscow State Circus and Cirque du Soleil. He also wrote for several brands, television and now for Netflix. In ‘Totally Tuned’, he coaches and trains young composers to become international renowned sound designers.

Photography Dave Kloren & Bart van Overbeeke

BLOB the Bulb - GLOW2017


Jan Fabel + Dirk van Poppel + Erwin Steijlen