Feel The Spark

Feel The Spark

Pullman Eindhoven Cocagne Hotel - inside

“Feel the spark” shows us a creation on the boundary between two worlds, while it is trying to find a connection with the humans passing it by.

With its vivid coloured fur and mesmerizing patterns on it, it tries to attract the humans to touch it.

Different kinds of interaction will trigger different behaviours on this living installation. Just like us, it can be lonely, curious or overstimulated. The way it responds to touch, movement and sound depends on the mood its in.

Welcome to the world unknown - stretch out your hand and feel the spark!

Current team

  • Kasper Hämäläinen - Project Leader
  • Davey Hurkmans - Communication Officer / Designer
  • Rebecca Zwijnenburg - Designer
  • Max Korlaar - Interaction Designer
  • Yevheniia Buzykina - Interaction Designer
  • Vincent Venhuizen - Technology Engineer
  • Marius Cojocaru Alexandru - Technology Engineer
  • Martijn Stommels - Technology Engineer

Original concept team

  • Sam Zijlmans - Project Leader
  • Geert Boer - Technology Engineer
  • Sirus Goorhuis - UX Designer
  • Kasper Hämäläinen - Interaction Designer


Delta-group - Students of Fontys ICT