Licht op Vogeltrek

Licht op Vogeltrek

Central Station

At this recently renovated Central Station, several existing artworks will be put in the spotlights by light artist Michel Suk.

This year too, Dutch Railways will actively contribute to GLOW Eindhoven by starting the light art festival for many visitors at Central Station. In the hall at the City Centre-side, he will playfully highlight and put into motion ‘Vogeltrek’, a glass art work made by Lex Horn. The three round Station applique windows will come to life thanks to his creation. At the renewed restaurant the visitor cannot only enjoy a delicious snack, but also admire the extraordinary light installation in front of the monumental round windows. During GLOW, Central Station Eindhoven is the place where Michel Suk will reveal his hidden gems.

Do come by train as Dutch Railways offers a special discount on your return tickets, which will take you straight into the special GLOW atmosphere.

As a lighting technician and designer, Suk has been working  in the field of light-art since 1980. His commitment to GLOW is admirably great. Sometimes in the background, but quite often visible with his own projects such as “Out of the blue” (2007) “Rejoice in the Lamb” (2010), “Schoonheid van stagnatie” (2011), “Transformatie” (2012), “State machine” (2014), “Opening stadhuis” (2015), “Step into the light” (2016) and 'Step into the Light 2' in 2017.

By using conventional techniques, Suk tries to create installations that surprise us. A new perspective forms the core of his work, either by replacing spectators or using light sources in unusual shapes. The use of space often leads to larger installations  which enhances and enlarges the relation between the object and spectator. The installations are always empowered by a supporting audio source.


Michel Suk