DELA building

Meadow is an upside down landscape, the kinetic sculpture consists of mechanical flowers that open and close in a poetic choreography. The installation reminds the viewer of the impermanence of constantly changing seasons and sensational character of natural growth processes.

Most man-made objects have a static form, while everything natural in this world including people, are subject to constant metamorphosis and adaptation to their surroundings. Meadow is the result of the question how an inanimate object can mimic those changes that express character and emotions.

As an upside down landscape the kinetic sculpture reacts to the visitors as if they were the sun to a blooming flower. All flowers together create the experience of a botanical creature that naturally engages the viewer.

Meadow is also exhibited at Kazerne. During GLOW, you are most welcome to drop by to enjoy the impressive light art installation Meadow by Studio Drift and to view the new exhibition ONGOING DIALOGUE – new design by old friends. This includes light designs by Studio Toer, VanTot, Atelier Robotiq x BCXSY and Ontwerpduo x Clearyled. Sit down for a nice hot drink, robust pasta or stew, or a three-course menu at 35 euros before or after walking the GLOW route.

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DELA proudly presents the light artwork created by Studio Drift. You are invited to have a look and enjoy a cup of coffee at their Starbucks coffee shop.

DELA is a cooperation with over three million members. Since we have started in 1937 in Eindhoven we believe: together we are stronger and we can achieve more. Our goal is to assist our members and their families where possible in the fields of funeral arrangement, cremation, repatriation, relatives care and financial services. With over 145 offices, 2,400 employees, 3,7 millions insured persons and 42,000 funerals a year, DELA is the market leader in the Benelux.