Stadhuisplein - Old ABN-AMRO building

This GLOW, Lumus Instruments is showcasing their advances of the last year with a new show. OMNIPRESENT is an an immersive experience that combines light with live music.

The main hall of De Bank has been transformed into a experimental playground, illuminated all around, by which we immerse you into this omnipresent world of light and sound. Expect multiple luminescent sculptures to fill the room, in combination with an otherworldly show for all ages.

Find wonderful live performances brought to you by Dutch artists, accompanied by a light show which will be synchronized on the spot. A truely innovative audiovisual system to bring forth a unique experience!

Let yourself be amazed by the omnipresent experience.

Lumus Instruments is an Eindhoven based start-up that is developing new and creative lighting and lighting control solutions. Lumus intruments is initiated by of Lumenus; a Glow 2016 artwork by students of the TU/e. Timo Lejeune and Julius Oosting continued with building light art for light festivals and music festivals. Their works have been or will be dispayed on events like LUNA Leeuwarden, Toronto Light Festival, Into The Woods festival and Mysteryland.


Timo Lejeune + Julius Oosting