13Colour Symphony

13Colour Symphony


Once again light is experimented with. Colour is Music and Music is Colour.

Jan Fabel, Dirk van Poppel and Erwin Steijlen return to this edition of GLOW and once again tackle an iconic Eindhoven building: De Witte Dame. It has a rear facade too: big, severe and completely white. A clean, mathematical but enticing pattern of white areas and windows. Where since 1931 light was experimented with.

Just like a blank sheet of music that challenges them to add a composition with light, colour, movement and music. Once again light is experimented with. Colour is Music and Music is Colour. A ‘Colour Symphony’ that will change how you think about this intriguing building for ever.

Light is Life!

Once upon a time the stars and the moon were the only things that could lighten up the darkness. Nowadays, light is quite common. We cannot even imagine life without light anymore. Light brought us unprecedented possibilities! Everyone wants to enjoy light. But light not only affects life: it also affects the climate. That is why Signify wants to tell you a story during GLOW Eindhoven. A story about light, life and how everyone of us can take a step towards a more sustainable world: a #stapindegroenerichting.

‘Licht is Leven’ supports the ‘Colour Symphony’: a light artwork that transforms De Witte Dame Eindhoven into a composition of light, colour, movement and music.

The story is a tribute to light and in memory of Gerard Philips, who once expressed it so beautifully: "Light is life, light is happiness, light is festive!" Light is more than just light!

You can also take a #stapindegroenerichting and visit ‘Colour Symphony’ & ‘Licht is Leven’ during GLOW.


Jan Fabel is the creator and director of multimedia projects and international shows. He once began in Eindhoven with video art in ‘De Fabriek’. Worked at the Centrum voor de Kunsten and Academie St. Joost. He now works on remarkable multimedia projects with his company Captain Energy. Completely obsessed with projection mapping and multiscreen projection.

Dirk van Poppel has worked from the outset with Blender, 3D software developed by NeoGeo from Eindhoven. Twenty years on, he still works with the same astonishment and passion, creating animations for companies like Philips, ASML, and VDL-ETG. Projection mapping is so special for him as he revels in the amazement created by the illusion, just like here at GLOW.

Erwin Steijlen, composer for brands, artists and media. Producer and music coach. For many years he wrote product launches for BMW and VW and music for Beijing Olympics 2008, the theme song for the Tour the France, a Remix for Shakira, he even worked with Pink!, DJ Fedde LeGrand, Moscow State Circus and Cirque du Soleil. He wrote for countless brands, TV and now for Netflix. With ‘Totally Tuned‘ he coaches and guides young composers to become internationally respected sound designers.

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Jan Fabel + Dirk van Poppel + Erwin Steijlen