5Come and Grow

5Come and Grow

Smalle Haven

Gerard Philips "Light is life, light is joy, light is festive"

Come and Grow has sprouted from a collaboration between GLOWLab, GGZE and the Eindhoven designer George Barratt-Jones. Together they researched the effect of light on people. After all, light is the most important “Zeitgeber” for the body and ensures that your biological clock keeps good time. If your internal clock is keeping good time, you feel better. 

Considering that light is of essential importance for plants too, plants were taken as inspiration for the interactive work ‘Come and Grow’. The GLOW visitors work together to grow the flower, resulting in an 8-metre tall, illuminated plant with the message:  ‘Light is good for you, light gives you happiness and fun’!

GLOWlabs are sessions in which companies, artists, technicians, designers and institutions collaborate on a certain theme to produce innovative light art works or light projects. Objective of the GLOWlabs is observable added value for both GLOW Eindhoven and the city.

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Happiness by design is George Barratt-Jones’ motto (1993). He studies at the Design Academy in Eindhoven. In 2016 he already had his first successful online platform Craftz where he laid the link between the desire to learn crafts and the artisans who possessed these skills. George is also known for his Cyclo Knitter. In his work he wants to connect people and leave them with a positive feeling.


GLOWlab + GGZE + George Barratt-Jones