31Crowd Cloud

31Crowd Cloud

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How safe is your online data?

Five students from Fontys ICT worked on this research question especially for GLOW. With the light art work Crowd Cloud they want to create awareness for the dangers of using public Wi-Fi networks.  

Did you know that the use of public networks has consequences for your privacy? While using such a network, your personal details are processed. Are you aware of what is permitted to be monitored and what is not?

Crowd Cloud provides partial insight into this through stimulating your senses using light and sound. This is expressed in various colours that come to life through interaction with the public.



We are Crowd Cloud. We are a team of 5 IT-media design students at the university of Fontys ICT Eindhoven. Our interests lie in combining different techniques to create interesting concepts. Everyone in our team has a unique expertise which we combine in our project.

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