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Look up! Can you see the stars and moon tonight?

Nature is the source of all Living Colours. The sky can provide an exceptional spectacle of refraction, absorption and dispersion.

Unfortunately, we no longer look up; the digital screen forces us to look down more often. Despite all the possibilities that it offers, it shrinks our view of the real world. 

Light artist Ivo Schoofs draws attention to this millennial phenomenon with humour and appeals to everyone to look up at the beauty of the sky more often. So, look up! Can you see the stars and moon tonight? Or are the clouds all dark? How do they change shape? The most impressive screensaver is hanging above your head. 


The work of Ivo Schoofs (1972), is a celebration of movement in its most natural occurrence; based on natural and physical phenomena, gravity, heat, light, friction and wonder. The work offers the spectator(s), through large-scale audio-visual installations, an experience to return to the base of the forces of natural movement.

Technology and science are made visible and sometimes, if possible, comprehensive. The black boxes are opened, the oil can be smelled and the gears are rotating. New sensory experiences and insights are formed upon a base of nature itself.

Without the great help and deep knowledge of the individual team members, ideas would not have become reality.

Chaotic Swing - GLOW2018
Just because... - GLOW2017
Exploding Wire - GLOW2016
Large Fire Tornado - GLOW2015
Large Pendulum Wave - GLOW2014/2013

The Kinetic Humor team consists of:

  • Pieter Oppers
  • Pepe Heijnen
  • Jurgen de Wolf


Ivo Schoofs