30Dancing Colors

30Dancing Colors

HEUVEL - first floor

Dancing Colors is a light art work based on a combination of technology and art, that is simply projected

Through mixing the 3 basic colours, a magical projection is created of shadows with various effects. This playful character is interspersed with projected colours that converge to become famous designs. It is the convergence especially that creates an exceptional effect!

Dancing Colors is a further development of the light art work 3Beam that was shown for the first time at GLOW2018. For this edition the TMC team have brought the colours to life with the help of animations that the team designed and programmed themselves.

The Eindhoven roots of 3Beam have not been forgotten and they have found their way into the light art work. You will be surprised at how the elements appear from nowhere, then evolve to a dancing creation and eventually disappear into thin air.



For the last 2 years, 3Beam has worked with a passion for technology and art on the integration of light art and technology. Following many brainstorm sessions and just as many pizzas they arrived at the artistic concept of creating something with the 3 basic colours of light. 

This year's team consists of:
Viktor Baukh, Peter Stockmann, Toine Kuipers, Wietse van Gerven, Justas Aleksa, Kateryna Filippovych, Isreal Nunez Hernandez, Juan Sanchez Moreno, Michael-Dennis Biemans.

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