14Diving in the sea of colors

14Diving in the sea of colors


Immerse yourself into the variety of this enormous color spectra called ‘Diving in the sea of colors’.

It is an oversized, accessible and experienceable world of colors. created by analogue PANI projection.

In this surreal world, which spreads throughout three locations on the GLOW route, you are about to feel the effects of color. Bathe in it, perceive it, feel it, but don’t be surprised if it evokes a mix of emotions.  

Become part of the artwork and get colorful!

As an interdisciplinary artist, Daniel Margraf is active in both digital and classical analogue light art. In his works, technique and feeling play together. Atmosphere is designed with flair and sensitiveness.

In his studio Spreefunkeln complex and innovative lighting applications are being developed and implemented in the areas of lighting design, room installation and programming as well as lighting manufacture.

Daniel Margraf's work should connect people, bring them „to the same level“. With his expressive analogous light pictures he wants to create a space into which people can immerse themselves and decelerate, find peace and become discoverers. Houses and places are getting transformed by his light artwork so that people can experience familiar places completely new.


Daniel Margraf