15Elemental Fusion

15Elemental Fusion


In Elemental Fusion it is all about the tension between the primary colours.

The winners of the Foederer Talent Award GLOW 2018 have their light artwork in the main route in this edition. Last year the Eindhoven artists Jelle van Meerendonk and Paulina Zybinska drew inspiration from the life of a student. This year it is the turn of the colourful, stained glass windows of the Steentjeskerk.

The windows appear dull and not detailed from the outside, but when the sun shines and the composition is shown off to its best, they reveal their natural beauty. The Steentjeskerk emphasises this contrast: with its modest interior, the stained-glass windows by Joep Nicolas conjuror up the impression that they transform that crucial section of the building into a sacred place. 

In Elemental Fusion it is all about the tension between the primary colours. Caught in the tower they fight each other to ascertain who is the most important. In their frenzy they set the building in flux, creating a zoetrope-like effect. Ultimately, they realise that only through working together can they create colours that form our environment.

Jelle van Meerendonk is an independent dutch animator. His movies focus on human behaviour, strange encounters and bizarre surroundings with a big dose of humour. 

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Paulina Zybinska is a new media artist, currently based in Zurich. She has been working as a freelancer since 2016, expanding her skills in animation, projection mapping and interactive installations.

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Paulina and Jelle met during master studies in Breda and since then, they regularly collaborate on various project. Last year, they won the Foederer Talent Award and were able to present their idea on the facade of The Student Hotel during GLOW 2018.


Jelle van Meerendonk & Paulina Zybinska