22Expect the Unexpected

22Expect the Unexpected

Nieuwe Emmasingel

What does it take to make you feel relaxed in a public area?

Cocooning in a howling wind and the driving rain. Can a shopping passage be a stage for you to feel happy?

The Emma District dares you watch and listen to the sound and vision; “Come and be seduced under the awning (or canope) facing the Philips Museum! Have your fine moments of peace and quiet”. Join us in the Emma District.

“Expect the unexpected” is a virtual project of The Lux Lab (idea and concepting), LudoWic (soundscapes and composition), Klundert Audiovisual (audio design) and  Techdynamics (system integration).

Ellen de Vries, The Lux Lab, became inspired at a young age by the phenomenon of light. She started as a light designer for theatre and video productions and switched to Philips Lighting after a period of experimental design. Here, the passion for the poetry of lighting and the technical aspects fell together. From here on, she developed a personal approach in which lighting is used as a designing tool; transforming spaces into comfortable living areas. Needless to say, conditions such as sustainability and Standards are taken into account. With ‘The Lux Lab’, Ellen de Vries has created various light master plans for cities as Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Breda and Curaçao in the Dutch Antilles. Furthermore, she creates concepts for temporary projects as base for scientific research and festivals of lights such as GLOW.

Thijs Lodewijk, LudoWic, is performing artist and producer of experimental electronic acoustic music. His compositions are strongly inspired by modern art, architecture and technology. 

Dennis van Vleuten, Klundert Audiovisueel, is a specialist in professional lighting and in the field of sound and vision technics. He is supporting partner for innovative and creative challenges.

Jeroen van Diesen, Techdynamics, is system integrator for urban projects in the public area. On the crossroad of sensors, controls and system integration Techdynamics takes care of debugging and operational routines.

Don't break the sound barrier (2017)


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