6Floral Flow

6Floral Flow


The light art work Floral Flow, inspired by climate change and the reinstatement of our ecosystem, wants to give the issue a positive vibe

Through focusing our attention on blooming flowers and not lodging a complaint, the students demonstrate that the concepts of technology and nature go hand in hand.  Which will come as a surprise to a lot of people. They invite GLOW visitors to help pump enough water and light to the flowers … for an unexpected surprise!

This is a Be Creative minor project, which is part of the Electrical Engineering course. The students have worked on this since February. Besides design and realisation, the students also sought sponsorship to facilitate the project.

Powered by Waterschap De Dommel

The light art work Floral Flow was made with support from Waterschap De Dommel. As a knowledge partner, the water authority advised the students about the technical design and aquatic plants around the river Dommel. With the power for pumping the water around the Dommel the artwork is literally ‘powered by the Dommel’.

Waterschap De Dommel is the water partner for Central Brabant. Together with others, we work on keeping dry feet, and ample and pure water. We actively contribute to a healthy, beautiful, safe, natural and sustainable environment and consequently support the Floral Flow message for more planting in urban areas.

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Our team consists of a group of engineering students from Fontys University of Applied Science, Eindhoven. The members are Jessy van Erp (mechatronics), Harm Derks (mechatronics), Harm Cornelissen (mechatronics), Koen van Laarhoven (electronical engineering), all from the Netherlands and Jack Cox (mechatronics) from the United Kingdom.

“When we first started brainstorming for ideas for this years’ “Glow” festival, after hearing the theme of “living colour”, we wanted to create a fusion of technology and nature. We also wanted to show that these two concepts don’t have to be as separate as they are often conceived to be. The outcome of these brainstorming sessions resulted in the concept for “Floral Flow”. The installation invites people to feed some giant flowers which are situated in special pots in the border of the river Dommel. When participants pump water and light to the flowers, they will open and bloom for them. We use the water from the Dommel and lighting systems to achieve a unique and spectacular light effect and experience, inspired by nature.”


Fontys Electrical Engineering/Be Creative + GLOWlab