11Free Color

11Free Color


This year we celebrate that the city was liberated 75 years ago, a moment worthy of contemplation during GLOW too.

For this edition GLOW Eindhoven has sought to collaborate with Stichting Lichtjesroute.  The Lichtjesroute is an important part of the city’s heritage and is the ultimate symbol of freedom. Originating from 1945, the year after liberation, to mark the return of light in the life following the dark days of occupation.

The Lichtjesroute starts each year on 18 September and evokes an infinite feeling of unity and solidarity. This unity has ensured that we have lived in freedom for 75 years, which is emphasised in the flag and doves of peace. 

For Eindhoven the Lichtjesroute is a deep-rooted tradition. Yet almost no-one knows what a gigantic organisation of manpower and materials is required to realise this annual phenomenon. 

For many years, a core of fifty volunteers, from the board right through to the implementation team and from various parts of the city, have worked tirelessly in the evenings and weekends to ensure that the Lichtjesroute lights up Eindhoven each year.