17Frightened Flowers

17Frightened Flowers


Once upon a time there was a little boy named Ivan, who was fascinated by plants.

Even though he was bullied every day, he found comfort in talking to his plants. Even when he got older and became a biology professor, he kept talking to the plants. One day he started questioning if plants were able to talk as well. To each other, or maybe even back at him.

This began his research to try and make them communicate. After many tries, he finally created a working communication device for the plants. He managed to make them communicate through light!

But what the plants communicated was not what Ivan expected. They were telling each other to watch out for human beings. The plants were terrified! Ivan was so shocked about his discovery, that he needed to share it with the whole world. What you see, is what professor Ivan wants to share with the world. His invention, his creation, his shocking discovery: Frightened Flowers. 


Frightened Flowers is a light artwork presented by last year students of Fontys University of Applied Science ICT Eindhoven. They have combined modern IT technologies with a fairytale-like theme. The combination of technical knowledge and conceptual thinking is being used by the students to create an innovatie and unique interaction between artwork and visitor.

The team consists of 6 students who want to share their passion for technology with the world. They dedicate the first two months of their semester to building this work. Their primary focus for this work is interaction.

The work of art is created and designed by the following students:
Geert Boer, Project Lead
Luuk van den Berg, Chief Technology Officer
Kevin Framback, Designer
Bram Kempen, Software Engineer
Mario Olislaegers, Software Engineer
Noah Scharrenberg, Software Engineer

The original concept was created by the students:
Davey Hurkmans
Vincent Venhuizen
Geert Boer


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