26GLOW beasties

26GLOW beasties


Look! A huge swarm of GLOW beasties!

They crawl, itch, snake, climb, fly and flap around. They have the most attractive shapes and colours and glow in the dark. This year children from primary schools in Eindhoven worked (per school) on their own troop of fantasy insects for the ‘GLOW for Kids’ project. They got to work with wire and old tights. Together the presentations from all the different schools form a single glowing show.

Glow for kids

‘Lampenkappen’ (2011), the ‘Bloemenzee’ (2012), the ‘Fladderaars’ (2013) , ‘Squares’ (2014), ‘Kroonlichters’ (2015), 'Cocons' (2016) Floating countries (2017) en The Emperor's Palace (2018).


Keke van de Ven is an artist/art teacher from Eindhoven. For the second year running she was commissioned by CultuurStation to develop a GLOW for kids project, in which she attempts to combine textiles and technology in a contemporary fashion.

Cultuurstation connects primary schools in Eindhoven with other local, cultural institutions and artists to artistically inspire children.  In order to support their teachers, they developed an instruction letter how to design and create the Emperor's Ceiling. Additionally, a workshop has been given at the schools to hand over artful tips, technical possibilities and instructions on the use of materials.

The last couple of years, GLOW for KIDS has turned out to be an enormous success. The project contributes to the creative development of children but also offers them a unique experience: to discover their very own work of art in the middle of the GLOW light artworks, in the company of their parents, teachers or other children.


Keke vd Ven + Cultuurstation + primary school children