HEUVEL - first floor

Living Color Art

Fireflies are known for their cozy zigzagging lights in the late evenings, this light emitting is called bioluminescence. Besides fireflies there exist countless other bioluminescent organisms. These creatures make their own light or in cooperation with tiny creatures, symbiotic life. 

The Euprymna scolopes is a small squid which lives in a symbiotic relation with the Aliivibrio fischeri bacterium. This tiny bacterium alone does not emit any light, however by communicating with fellow bacteria in their own specific language (Quorum sensing) they can get a feeling of how much fellow bacteria are around. When they have enough company, they collectively flip the light switch.

A collaboration between Fontys University of Applied Science, GLOW Eindhoven and the Antoon van Dijkschool are bringing students’ drawings to life. The students let their fantasies go wild on paper and create pencil drawings. Students of Fontys University of Applied science will add bacteria as being a Living Color to turn the painting into “Living Color Art”, which will be shown during GLOW.



Michael van Vegchel (Fontys TNW) is developing this project for his graduation assignment. As being a physics student he shows a lot of creative skills and developed special biological laboratory skills to bring this concept alive.


GLOWlab + Antoon van Dijkschool + Fontys University of Applied Sciences