25Lumière Tango

25Lumière Tango


The successful light choreography Lumière Tango by artist Wouter Brave returns to GLOW.

The artwork had its primeur on the TU/e site during GLOW 2016 and was extremely popular with the public.

In this edition of GLOW, 48 beams of light perform a monumental round dance to a tango composition by Astor Piazolla that starts under the roof of the HEUVEL and ends in the street. Even though the choreography is not danced by people, this marvellous spectacle is performed as carefully as if there were professional dancers. 

The intensity of the beams of light contribute to an exceptional play of lines of light. They almost appear to transform into tangible material that creates a near physical experience.

The choreography programming is in the hands of Carly Eilander. The technical realisation is a collaboration with the Mirage Laser Group.

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The multidisciplinary Dutch artist Wouter Brave, born in Amsterdam but currently living in the Achterhoek region of the Netherlands, has a long record of service. For the last 10 years, he has been active as a light artist, light architect and visual artist. During the period 1981 - 2000, Brave mostly worked as a performing artist, dancer and choreographer.


Wouter Brave