Together we give Eindhoven colour!

Creative Technologies students at SintLucas have developed an interactive art light work especially for this edition of GLOW with which the GLOW visitor gives the city ‘Living Colours’. It displays a colourful interaction between the visitor and a number of famous Eindhoven buildings. 

Through the use of Kinects, the visitors’ silhouettes are measured and shown on the Eindhoven skyline. The projection of the silhouettes reveals the colours of the buildings. When multiple people gather, short animations appear. Want to come and discover how the city responds to you?


Anne Martens and Steffie Koop are Creative Technologies students at SintLucas in Eindhoven. They have come up with ‘Metropolight’ using both the skills which they developed in school, and with their own creativity. By using several different techniques and by working together with fellow students, they have realised this project.

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