Van Abbemuseum

The light art work comprises three serial, experimental works that combine different art styles in a symbiosis

Mindsets is the result of a unique cooperation between light artists Kari Kola (Finland) and Alessandro Lupi (Italy). 

A collection of geometric, ‘living’ sculptures on the pond open the tryptic in an almost meditative manner, after which the public follow the path to the second work in the heart of the museum. In an abstract, but organic manner the public finds themselves in the midst of the natural phenomenon the Northern lights. The colourful, nocturnal atmosphere is left behind and the public leave the museum through a powerful rising sun.

On Saturday 9 November the artwork in the pond can only be seen from the carpark behind the museum. On the other evenings the museum can be entered from the rear entrance and the public can take their time to admire the three light installations.


Kari Kola (Finland)

“I've been interested in light for as long as I can remember. Light is everywhere and it affects the world and our daily lives in many ways. I'm from Finland and here the autumns and the winters last long and these seasons are very dark. I wanted to teach myself to use light to be able to utilize the darkness that surrounds me during those seasons. That's why I became who I am. A Light Artist.

I have worked with light for around 17 years and I have generated over 2,000 projects on a leading role. I've worked with many historical castles and places and I'm specialized in working with these type of vulnerable sites. I have created light installations to several unique sites like UNESCO HQ, Stonehenge, Villa de Laak, Saana Mountain. I have worked both as a Technical and an Artistic Leader in several productions including festivals, operas, musicals, multi-art performances and opening ceremonies. These projects have been executed on both national and international level."

Something Blue - GLOW 2018
Story of Light - GLOW2017

Submerged - GLOW2017
Magical Garden - GLOW2016

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Kari Kola