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Mitosis is the phase in cell division in which the chromosomes that contain DNA code double themselves and form the heart of a new, microscopic building block. This is the essence of life.

Inspired by this phenomenon, the Eindhoven artist Ricky van Broekhoven combined technology and science in kinetic installations that bring intangible light to life across its colour spectrum.

This work put Ricky in the top three for the Foederer Talent Award. The jury were so impressed by his work that he was given a stage on the main GLOW route after all.



Ricky van Broekhoven is a sound designer with a fascination for events that are usually hidden, but can be experienced under the right conditions; the earth shaking as tectonic plates collide, radiation in space from the beginning of time, sound waves traveling through the body. He’s intrigued by things that out scale him as a human being, and our physical reaction to natural phenomena.
He perceives sound and light as materials that can be modelled to convey a narrative of emotions that is otherwise impossible to express. Over the past years he has been developing otherworldly objects, immersive spaces and synesthetic machines in his laboratory sound studio.

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Ricky van Broekhoven