ASML and GLOW come together in PING: a light artwork by Gijs van Bon in which the light used in networks becomes the link between art and technology

In the distant past, primitive means like smoke signals, drums and fire beacons were used on mountain tops to transmit messages. The light art work is a reference to this. Light and sound are communicated using modern technology, from one beacon to the next, until the message has reached the end of the line. Slow sounds, the sound of drums getting louder or the tinkle of a little bell travel down the 200 beacons that extend in a 150-metre line in the small park along the Wal. A chain reaction of messages embraces the GLOW visitor with atmosphere and dynamic light and sound. Sometimes fast and hard, sometimes poetic and hushed. 

PING employs hi-tech contemporary technology. A wireless network links the beacons in an intelligent system that allows for the flow of information. Utilising this makes more possible than just the basic communication of messages. The PING kick-off took place during GLOW2018.


Installation artist Gijs van Bon (1975 ) attended the Design Academy in Eindhoven and received his advanced training at the HKU in Utrecht, Department of Theatre Design. He initially became known primarily for his abstract kinetic objects. From 2001 he exhibited regularly in galleries and art centers. He also began designing and performing theatrical, autonomous events. The multidisciplinary objects and installations by Van Bon always move between two areas of tension: abstract moving objects and theatrical installations. He knows how to combine and use the boundaries between them to get as much as life as possible into his objects. Gijs works in his dynamic and active atelier ‘La Citta Mobile’ in the emerging city of Eindhoven amongst other artists and designers.



Gijs van Bon + ASML + GLOWlab