27Ripples in the water

27Ripples in the water

HEUVEL - first floor

What if robots could be creative and like humans?

This was the central question posed in the  GLOWlab that came about through a collaboration between Creative Technology students at SintLucas, Smart Robot Solutions and GLOW Eindhoven. Following multiple sessions and ideas, ‘Ripples in the Water’ was selected unanimously as the light project for GLOW 2019.

In an illuminated space a surprising interaction with the robots Li and Art Maat from the  Maatjes robot family occurs. Li Maat is structured and a specialist in the repetitive creation of one line art. His fluid movements are difficult to distinguish from human ones. Art on the other hand is an emotional robot. He puts his heart and soul into his one line art movements and does not hide his emotions.

Ripples in the Water is a light experience with continuously changing colours, accompanied by music. It tells the story of what we consider human and how we can develop empathy towards lifeless things. Robots as a natural part of our society.

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Lars Pubben (1997) discovered his passion for light sculptures and light art at the beginning of his course in Creative Technology at SintLucas in Eindhoven. He saw many opportunities for working with light and demonstrated this in his first project for Switch at GLOW 2017. “Light is so important for me because with something simple you can tell a story and express feelings towards people. With Ripples in the Water I want to show that robots can be people and people can be robots.”

Design, media and technology students attending SintLucas Eindhoven transformed the essence of the question into a light object for GLOW. Smart Robot Solutions ensure that the robots display the desired human interaction at the right moment, so that it is an exceptional light experience.


Lars Pubben + Li & Art Maat + GLOWlab