3Ruthless Innovating Planet

3Ruthless Innovating Planet

Smalle Haven

Ruthless Innovating Planet is a light artwork that has emerged from a collaboration between Fontys Mechatronics, Mechanical Engineering and Applied Physics students. 

Through the object, students want to stimulate GLOW visitors to consider the price we pay for our wealth and the ever-growing economy. One of the most important drivers behind this is the global overconsumption of energy that is taking its toll on our planet. 

In Ruthless Innovating Planet, the Fontys students have brought a showpiece to GLOW that tells the story of our misuse of energy. According to them, the time has come for us to face the results of our actions. We must not just consider our behaviour, but also understand the necessity of changing it. It is a strong argument that reflects the spirit of our times, a time in which we are all fighting for the preservation of our planet.


Team members (currently):

  • Kwaku Kyei
  • Rikkert Lensen
  • Yannick van der Loop 
  • Koen Meijerink
  • Koen van der Merwe
  • Niek Neuraij
  • Nick Paijens
  • Victor Snels
  • Rosa Derks
  • Jerper de Vaan
  • Iwan Hobus
  • Niels Hulsbos
  • Dani Juma
  • Sam Ramackers
  • Kim Nijsen
  • Chee-Lok Wong
  • Iris van Bakel

  • Dimitri Croes

  • Therren Haverkamp

  • Bram Klinkenberg 

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