32Strictly Personal

32Strictly Personal


Shopping in Eindhoven: fun, although,
That shop window is not lit:
The glass reflects your face
The future meets us

Beyond living colours 

”I can’t see him,
I can’t see him,
but I feel him standing behind me.
he may have brushed right past me.
with black silent feet he creeps
up on life.” 

Fragment from the poem: Doodsstrijd (Throes of death) by Hendrik Marsman

This light artwork is supported by Aristo.



Sometimes, the artist duo Har Hollands & Kees Bos treads uncertain territory of light art. Some of the executed light artworks are: the illumination of temples and pyramids in Egypt, the work of art ‘Made in Germany’ for ‘Lichtrouten Lüdenscheid’ in Germany. And not to forget the intersection ‘Metropolux’ and light artwork ‘Weeping Willows’ and morre recently 'The Carcass' at former GLOW editions.

The software of this light artwork has been developed by Erik van der Plas.


Har Hollands + Kees Bos