10Transience Machine

10Transience Machine


Transience: the state or fact of lasting only for a short time; transitoriness 

This light installation is one of Nando Dolleman’s graduation projects for the Design Academy Eindhoven. Through his fascination with rainbows, a meteorological phenomenon, he started experimenting with prisms. When daylight shines through a triangular prism, light is split into all its spectral components; the colours of the rainbow. His design process was focused on finding the best possible way to display this colourful spectrum.

In this work of art the prisms are constructed from four prisms. They distribute the light, with the help of dichroic filters, in three different wavelengths RGB (Red Green Blue). Through allowing the prism to rotate, the colours come to life. 

This work put Nando in the top three for the Foederer Talent Award. The jury were so impressed by his work that he was given a stage on the main GLOW route after all. 

Photo: Ralph Roelse


Nando Dolleman a anti-static pro-dynamic designer from The Netherlands.

“If its not playful it’s not Interesting”

Inspired by phenomenons of nature and a passion for physics many of his projects have a deep layer of knowledge behind its surface. His goal is to expose the wonder in the best possible way through physical products/installations. Many of his projects needs some interaction from the viewer, to bring it alive. Having a background in furniture making, Nando is capable to make almost anything himself. 

Portrait of Nando Dolleman


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