1Triptych Metaphor Heart

1Triptych Metaphor Heart


This light artwork is a triptych that exhibits the metaphors HEART, LIGHT and TIME in three successive locations.

The result is a constructive experience that is not just linked to the Mariënhage heritage, but also to the new vision DELA has for the complex.

The triptych starts at the façade of the Augustijnen church where, with the help of video mapping, the transformation of the DOMUSDELA to a place of passion and love is symbolised. After this the public find their way to the courtyard where lively colours are employed for the second part of the light artwork that represents our inner light. The three symmetrical door and window compositions symbolise that anything is possible in life. The total experience reaches its highpoint at the DELA head office where a light installation depicts the continuous change of time in an abstract field of colour.


That love can show itself in many forms, is visible on the façade of the Augustijnen church. This is the place where stories about love, sin and desire are stored and are now shown by the church as the storyteller.

Part 2: LIGHT


OCUBO is a creative and highly skilled international studio that conceives artistic events using light and technology, in acclaimed large scale cultural events. Founded by artists Nuno Maya and Carole Purnelle, OCUBO specializes in multimedia and large format projection video mapping. The content ranges from historical to contemporary styles, mixing all kinds of media, from photos and illustrations to HD video, 3D animation and even interactive programming. Although versatile, the work is interconnected around a common theme: "Humanity”. The studio motto is to share the light with people and giving them the opportunity to use art as a form of global expression regardless of frontiers, in the public space of their community.

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